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11-01-2008, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Joeri Loonen View Post
Keep in mind family structures in Russian are different than in North-America. In North America it's very common to leave your parental home at one point to study or to play hockey at the other end of the continent. In Russian family bonds are far more tight. This isn't to say any contract can be freely broken but it's something to keep in mind though when discussing the fact that Russian players head home after some time.

PS. working on another translation of a press release by the KHL stating Valentenko's signing was completely legal and within the current rules.

Actually, I will never condemn to see a kid going back home. I mean, even for me, let's say the KHL is the best league and I have a great offer to come back home....I'd do it too. Thing is the frustrating part for fans and for the org. is the investment and the development you a put a player that might end up serving another team in another league if they don't comeback and while it's not ALL the Russians who do that, still amongst the Euros, they are the ones that do it the most....

And for whoever keeps saying that we shouldn't put all the Russians in that category, that we shouldn't generalize're right.

Still....tell that to the 30 teams in the many russians were picked last year and how many more will be in the upcoming years? All the teams will be generalizing and will be more careful with that fact.

Personnally, while I want the team to be more careful, I really hope that it will mean that some great Russians will be left out and we ended up picking them to see them come here eventually. I really hope that our scout do some extensive work as far as knowing the REAL intentions, if possible. 'Cause as much as there are stories of guys leaving, there are stories of guys coming, last one being Vasyunov. And I also remember that one of the reasons that a guy like Grachev feel down so much it's because he had a 5-year contract or something like that in Russia.....he's playing in the AHL as we speak....

As far as the KHL press release...I'm sorry but that's a freakin joke. Which rules? Their rules? Of course it is.....'cause there are no rules....or if there are, their players can't come here but our players can....if that's a rule, then yes, it's true...

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