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07-07-2004, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Not disputing something is not really the same thing as agreeing to it. And Holik's injury was the result of being hit in the foot with a puck. Wether or not he was in shape makes no difference. The result would have been the same. Bruised foot.

"He needs to shut up and play thats it. Talking to the press doesn't help things it makes it worse. It doesn't matter if what he says is true. "

Why should he just shut up and drink the Kool-Aid? The way that Sather has run the organization into the ground is an utter disgrace. And it is a disgrace to pretend that all is hunky-dory. It make things better becuase it brought Sather's lunacies more into light and hastened the press to call for his head.

"You and i both have no idea if holik called out any teammate in the lockerroom. "

All we DO know is that Messier calling out players and Lindros calling out players in the lockerroom has not worked since Sather got here.

"Holik has been part of the problem the past two years. "

How is a player who actually gives a crap a part of the problem? He tries hard and all he has asked for is a defined role. Should not have been that diffucult for Sather to come up with one. Holik has been FAR from the problem.

"I like what holik has said in the past but it certanly hasn't helped things."

It certainly has not hurt things.
perhaps if holik wasn't fat he could get out of the way of that puck.

I'm not saying for him to shut up and drink the kool aid. I'm saying shut up. Stop being a baby and running to the press. If you have problem say it in the room. I don't need to know holik has a problem with things to know he wants to win. Do you? He had a defined roll but it wasn't one he wanted. Thats what he was complaining about. He didn't want to be the second line center. That was his role why is that hard for him or you to understand. The guy played 23 minutes a night. Something tells me he had role. It wasn't one he wanted. Guess what?

He makes 9 million dollars a year on a team that has missed the playoffs. He is stuck here. SHUT UP AND PLAY!!

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