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Originally Posted by 100th View Post
Alex Tanguay, 9gp 11 p
Saku Koivu, 9gp 10p
Guillaume Latendresse, 9 gp 7p

Akost 7 gp 2 p
Plekanec 9 gp 3 p
Kovalev 9 gp 6 p

SKosty 9 gp 4 p ( 3 of the 4 points in just one game )
Lang 9 gp 6 p
Higgins 3 gp 1 p

HF Board position ; dismantel the line that is going well because Latendresse is the problem .

Higgins Plekanec Akost was a very very hot line for the second part of the season 2007 .

To me it 's clear that for now , Carbo just needs to be patient ; Both Higgins and AKost are comming back from an injury , so it will take few games ( at least for Higgins ) to find their shape .
Are you crazy ? WEanting to do the sensible thing and allow players to round into shape ? You're a disgrace to hf. We don't, we don't, we don't ever use a common sense approach.

We choose players that we like and find ways to show them in the most positive light, and choose those that we don't like and show the negative.

Could we say that Tanguay and Koivu seem to have a positive effect on each other ? No, player a is making player b look good. Could Latendresse be doing som ethings to help them ? Well it depnds on what solitude you've chosen.

How about Higgins, can his staright ahead up and down play, help other players to play their game ? You know, doing the dirty work along the boards to get the puck out of the zone to let a crafty player liuke S.Kost. do his thing ? No of course not, one of them has to suck.

Out of all of this stupidity, and there has been a lot, I took notice of a comment.

Mike8, you mentionned actual vison, what do you mean ? You think the guy's actually having a hard time finding pucks in his feet, that kind of thing ? I read about a player this week who started wearing contacts and has found a huge differnce in his game, though I can't remember who it was.

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