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- List of 15 players + 1 Wild card-

1- Kaka, Attacking Midfielder, Brasil, AC Milan -22/04/1982

He has got it all: pace, vision, finishing and influence in crucial games. A smart and educated guy, he could well become the face of football for the next 10 years.

2- Adriano, Striker, Brasil, Inter-February 17 1982

Powerhouse striker, he has all the attributes to finish top scorer in any leagues in Europe. Deadly on set pieces as well. Will he stay healthy?

3- Antonio Cassano, Striker, Italy, AS Roma-12/07/1982

Horrific attitude but the rest is just pure talent. Creativity, cool in front of the goal, he can unlock defences. He has great instincts, his movement off the ball is generally spot on. Could be the next Italian star player.

4- Alberto Gilardino, Striker, Italy, Parma-7/5/1982

He has impressed us all this season. A tremendous finisher, he works hard and provide good link up play. Was sent to the under 21 championships instead of the Euro and he didnít say a thing: Great attitude.

5- Obefani Martins, Striker, Nigeria, Inter, October 28 1984

Excellent technique, electric pace but can he be consistent? He has already had issues with his national team, hopefully this will not be recurrent in his career.

6- Daniele De Rossi, Midfielder, Italy, AS Roma-24/07/1983

Great worker in midfield, he is also an excellent passer. He is one of the main reason why Roma will let Emerson go.

7- Valeri Bojinov, Striker, Bulgaria, Lecce, 15/02/1986:

Has played at the Euro and the future looks tremendous for this very young Bulgaria. He has good pace and he fights hard but will he manage to make the breakthrough while playing in the tough Serie A?

8- Gaetano DíAgostino, Attacking Midfielder, Italy, AS Roma-06/03/1982

He is a very elegant player, improving steadily. Clever, he knows what to do with the ball even if I wish he took more risks. Should be interesting to see what Prandelli will make of him.

9- Marco Donadel, Midfielder, Italy, Milan, on loan to Sampdoria, 21/04/1983:

He is another outstanding young player who played last year for Parma. A key member of the under21 which won the euro a month ago, he has excellent upside with his versatility. I expect him to play a lot next season in an intriguing Sampdoria.

10- Christian Obodo, Defensive Midfielder, Nigeria, Perugia, 11/05/84:

Incredibly physical for his age, he has had solid games for Perugia this season. Has a lot to learn but he looked good in front of his defence.

11- Cesare Bovo, Central Defender, Lecce, Italy, 14/01/1983:

A sound defender, he has improved a lot during this season. He has kept the defence tight for Italy under 21. I have read that he is also a leader.

12- Carlo Zotti, Goalkeeper, Italy, AS Roma, 09/03/1982:

I havenít been particulary amazed by him but he looked solid when he played for Roma during the season.

13- Konan, Striker, Ivory Coast, Lecce, 05/01/1983

Appeared as a substitute a few times last season, he is a speedy striker. He is involved in building attacking movement so he isnít so often in the box. But he looks clever.

14- Mirko Vucinic, Striker, Serbia&Montenegro, Lecce, 01/10/1983:

Lecce has got such an intriguing crop of young players. Vucinic is an enigmatic one. A make or break player striker, not a very hard worker. Needs to score to be noticed.

15- Diamoutene Souleymane, Fullback, Mali, Perugia, 30/01/83

His great pace and physical presence allowed him to play with Perugia this season, but he is very young and prone to mistakes. He needs to improve his positioning but Italy is the best place for it.

Wild Card- Mourad Meghni, Attacking Midfielder, France, Bologna, 16/04/1984

Tipped by so many in France as the next Zidane, he has such an upside that he could be at least 7th on this list. A marvellous technician, with intriguing passing skills, he has to mature physically and his football sense must develop. Poor finisher but game breaking talent. He could also be a bust.

Edit: Donadel belongs to Milan and will be on loan to Sampdoria next season.

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