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11-02-2008, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsDood View Post
Guy should field that team on a regular basis, stop messing with their heads..

Andrei K - Pleks - Kovy (No brainer)
Higgs - Koivu - Tangay (Natural line)
Lats - Lang - Sergei (Hard working line)
BGL - Lapierre - Tom K (The intimidators, Laraque as to get in game shape, play him)
Dandy (Great versatile player)

Stop messing with O'B

Markov - Komi (One of the best pairing)
Hammer - O'B (Let's develop that O'B)
Bouillon - Georges (They do things well)
Brisebois (Excellent backup)


Trade Begin now.. It's been fun.. I think he's done.

We have some dept, in the minor, recall a guy here and there if needed, stop keeping a reserve line of vets in Montreal..

Go with these and ****..

What do you think? Good approach?

I think it's a no brainer..
No brainer? There's no way Ryan O'Byrne, as he's playing right now, is even close to being an every day #4 blueliner on a contender.

I've been saying this since the first game of the season ... I don't understand why other people don't see this.

EDIT: As I read through the rest of the thread I see I'm no longer the only person who thinks O'Byrne is playing poorly.

Originally Posted by HabsDood View Post
Price played that 2nd goal like a mentally not fitted person.. You can't blame the pope for everything that's wrong on the face of the planet
Uh, but it was O'Byrne that re-directed the puck when a Atom level player knows not to put your stick in front of the shot. Price was handcuffed because he can't be prepared for his own team tipping pucks - on purpose.

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