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11-02-2008, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
what does looking for a job have to do with his coaching abilities? All that says is he's a bad guy, or a non-loyal guy, or he was having an internal fight with the GM he didn't think much of and figured he was geting canned at some point anyway. Regardless of the reason, it doesn't take away from his ability to coach, just as much as a bad coach who doesn't do that becomes a good coach. You can disagree about his abvility to coach, but stabbing his boss in the back and/or interviewing with other teams doesn't talk to the guy's ability to coach. I maintain he was the right guy for that team. Everything came together and he was a big part of it. Had he stayed, I think results may've been better. But that doesn't mean he would've been a good coach for other Rangers teams. Having guys who can take being challenged a respond (Mess, Richter, Graves and Leetch, in particular) are the kinds of guys who can thrive under a guy like Keenan.
I think if a coach doesn't demonstrate loyalty, then his ability to coach is greatly diminished.

He might have been the right guy for the 94 Rangers but he would not have been if Messier was not there.

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