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Originally Posted by Noldo View Post
The situation with O'byrne really depends on his waiver status, so I tried to look around CBA a bit in order to find the answer.

Ryan O'byrne was born 19 July 1984. IUsing the definition of age in the CBA, he was 22 years old when he signed his SPC (season 2006-07).

Per definition of CBA, Professional Games includes the following: any NHL Games played, all minor league regular season and playoff games and any other professional games played, including but not limited to, games played in any European league or any other league outside North America, by a Player pursuant to his SPC.

Since O'byrne was 22 when he signed his SPC, he would be extempt for 3 seasons (or 70 NHL games, whichever comes first). This season (08-09) is O'byrne's third professional season (06-07 in AHL, 07-08 split in AHL/NHL and not 08-09 in NHL) and he has played in total 45 NHL games, so my interpretation of CBA would be...

O'byrne is waiver extempt untill he plays his 33rd NHL game this season (bringing his total (regular season+playoffs) to 70), after that point he is no longer waiver extempt.
You might be right, but I would think the status changes after the season, not in the middle, so he'd be waiver exempt according to your explanations, but for the whole year according to my logic.

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