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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
I realize that.... I'm not advocating getting rid of him for nothing or dumping him in the pressbox... I just don't think his upside is as great.

There is a reason Komi had 100 extra games at that point... he was a better D than O'byrne at a younger age; so people saying look where Komi was at the same age are wrong.

If you want to say they look similar with the same number of NHL games played... I'll accept that. i think O'byrne can grow in a way that is similar to what happened with Komi as he plays more games, i just don't think he will be as good as Komi as a finished product. Nothing wrong with that, Komi is pretty great. If O'byrne can eventually be a steady number 4 i'm fine with that... I won't be upset that he isn't as good as Komisarek.

I still stand by my earlier point... i'd rather see O'byrne making mistakes and learning on our blue line than watch breezer back there making the same mistakes he was making 10-15 years ago.
The Habs are a strong enough team to be able to afford having O'Byrne play at least semi-regularly. They don't expect as much from him as they do from their top 3. He's improving, although not at the same rate in every area. Once in a while he makes a play worthy of a veteran, which is a good sign. Also, his size and reach are nice things to have.

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