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11-03-2008, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfinhabsclothing View Post
Laraque doesn't have the skill, nor does he deserve, to play 82 games with any NHL team. If Carbo is wise he'll pick his spots. All other things being equal, the lines should be:

Plekanec-Kovalev-A. Kost
Lang-S. Kost-Latendresse

x should = Laraque when the Habs are playing a team like the Bruins and Flyers, it should be Begin when you need a little grit/agitation, but not a fighter per se, and it should be Dandenault when a D-man is a little sore or we need a bit more speed.

Saturday was an example of a game that was useless for Laraque to be dressed for. He could have had another week to rest his groin and the Isles probably woouldn't have dressed Fritz if Laraque wasn't dressing. Even if Fritz was dressed, if he had nobody to tangle with he would barely have played. As it was, Big George allowed Fritz to make a name for himself by fighting him. The fight was useless and there was no reason for it, just as there was no reason for BGL on Saturday.

You said the right word: "USELESS". If the Habs would have no goon, the other teams would not dress theirs. And if they would, they would find no one to fight with. And Laraque only fights other goons, for the sake of fighting.l If at least he would use his big body to deliver real good thunderous bodychecks like Phaneuf, but he is too slow to connect with opponents.

Too bad he did not sign with Edmonton as he wanted first.

All the Habs needed was a part-time YOUNG enforcer at 500-600 K to play 40 games or so , not a luxury muscleman at 1.5.

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