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11-03-2008, 12:35 PM
We traded Staal
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Originally Posted by solo16 View Post
Salary cap is minor imo. Dats is signed at 6.7M and Kronwall at 3M. I think they could find a way considering Malkins salary (does that start this year or next?) Maybe ur talkin about this year then ur right if malkins salary starts next year.

I only think hed take it in a second because it makes his team have a better chance to win the cup for at least the next few years 3-5yrs. Sure maybe not 12 years down the road. At some point Pens fans have to stop worrying about the super long term and start woring about the recent future. Pens are positioning for a window of dynasty opportunity. I geuss they have to decied if they want that window to start in 5 years or sooner.

Crosby is in his prime as far as im concerned (crazy considering how young he is, he will have a long prime it seems) Might as well start using it like last year.

If youd like we can revisit this in June again and talk about all the reasons the Pens just werent good enough to win the cup. Hell we can say the same next year. Then we can begin to wonder why they have so much talent but just cant pull it together. Dats is a winner. Malkin hasnt matured to the level to show he can make personal sacrifices for the team to win. I think of Steve Yzerman pre Scotty Bowman when i think of Malkin. All the talent and personal records in the world but he doesnt get that cup till he gives it all up and plays defense like Dats already does.
I was talking about the salary cap this year, and you're right if this were to happen in the off-season, the pens would be fine salary cap wise im sure.

I don't think Datsyuk gives the Pens any better chance of winning a cup in the next 5years than Malkin. Factoring in Kronwall doesn't mean too much as he'd be a second pairing guy here and defensive help isn't a need at all.

Malkin is better (albeit not by much) offensively, and more than adequate defensively. We have a shutdown center in Staal, and Crosby is well above average defensively as well.

I understand where you're coming from and why you feel the way you do since your team has won cups recently, but to me, having Malkin ensures us cup opportunities for at least the next 12 years (if he still wants to be here). Keeping Malkin over Datsyuk and Kronwall, imo, does not decrease our chances for the cup in the short term.

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