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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
Just cause his mistakes haven't resulted in goals doesn't meant they weren't big or potentially big.... See Belanger Breakaway in the third period of a one goal game.


Him and O'Byrne are about the same right now.... the goalies have come up a little bigger on Breezers giveaways/errors than O'byrnes but what can you do... its a small sample size... over the course of the year we will see more go in if he keeps playing this way.

I'm still better seeing O'Byrne try to learn from the errors than to see Breezy make the same mistakes he made 15 years ago and never learned from.
I totally agree ... but at 750 k , breezer is a very good assurance policy... the REAL problem is that Obyrne's progression seems to have slowed down, for some reason.... I thought he would end up being just like komi, but he still has a hard time to synchronize himself for hits, passes, block shots, and his skating seems to be erratic, meaning there are games that he skates way better than others... I wouldnt be able to say why. And sometimes, you see that his reach allows him to make plays that others just can't ... but sometimes I feel he relies on that instead of improving his positionning and his decision making...

lack of confidence? maybe... but he is extremly lucky that we are having such a great start , cause he has been a liability so far ... big time. He has to improve drastically for me to believe we are cup contenders.

I don't think he is dealt with properly too... if you have a young guy lacking confidence, you have to keep playing him even when he makes mistakes... show him the faith you have in him ... you either let him play through his mistakes, or you send him down (if you can) or you trade him ... but you don't improve a guy's confidence by replacing him with breezer everytime he makes a mistake... so ... whatever ...

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