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11-03-2008, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
You said the right word: "USELESS". If the Habs would have no goon, the other teams would not dress theirs. And if they would, they would find no one to fight with. And Laraque only fights other goons, for the sake of fighting.l If at least he would use his big body to deliver real good thunderous bodychecks like Phaneuf, but he is too slow to connect with opponents.

Too bad he did not sign with Edmonton as he wanted first.

All the Habs needed was a part-time YOUNG enforcer at 500-600 K to play 40 games or so , not a luxury muscleman at 1.5.
I swear to god, i've never read another poster who brought worst analysis of players , games or proposals...

Laraque has been doing just fine, Some people don't realise who important his presence is when we're in a winning situation, he won't stop hits from coming some people expected , witch is rediculous, it's not like he's waiting for them with a shotgun, but what he will do is minimise cheapshots to a low, even when Sawyer hit Kostitsyn with a clean hit, he had Laraque on his back for the hole 2nd period, and guess what, he was completely invisible in the 3rd period. BGL is the goon not only in fights but in regular game play too, he's extremely good at protectiing the puck in the offensive zone and when the puck is in our zone he switches jobs with Lappierre, he takes care of what's going on around our net while Lappy plays on the wing and covers a D, witch is excellent imo. You guys know just like i do that it takes time for any player to get in full game shape, it's not different for Laraque, especially for a player with his limited talent. But seriously, do we have to yap about evreything when we know he will get better, this discussion is completely useless. The only
reason he's not playing in all of the games is because of Gainey's stupid mentality to have atleast five 4th line players, witch is stupid because 1) There not taking any risks cause they know if they miscalculate is back upstairs eating popcorn and 2) there timing is off because they don't have that game experience the other guys have. Let's not kid oursleves, our best 4th line we can have right now is Kostopoulos-Lappierre-Laraque, and it's what we should put on the ice every single night, no matter what team we play againts, Bégin and Dandenault have no place on the team, It's 3 mil completely wasted, if one is injured well Chipchura, D'Agostini, Glumac and Stewart can all be fill-ups and do as good of a job then Bégin and Dandenault

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