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11-03-2008, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Schroedingers Cat View Post
It was established during the finals that Jaded-Fan is a giant Pens homer with yellow and black glasses.

Seriously, go back and read some of his\her posts.

The value of this trade is roughly even, but neither team pulls the trigger. Datsyuk doesn't fit in Pittsburgh and Malkin definitely doesn't fit in Detroit. If Kronwall played for the Pens with all of their D healthy he would still be on the first pair. Kronwall doesn't get stats because he's lodged behind two of the top 5 offensive d-men in the NHL. With the Pens he would be a force. To be quite honest I don't think Detroit even sniffs this trade as Sydor would be like our 9th d-man and Malkin would end up in Babcock's doghouse by the end of his first game.

The only real deal-breaker in this trade is the fact that Malkin is 5 years younger than Datsyuk. But the fact that Malkin will only outscore Datsyuk by maybe 10-15 points a season while Datsyuk also plays consistently Selke-quality defense against other top lines evens their current value in my eyes. If I want to win now I acquire Datsyuk. If Datsyuk was only played against third and fourth lines and pulled 20-22 minutes while never sniffing the PK he would be a 110 point guy too.

I thought the Datsyuk\Zetterberg vs. Crosby\Malkin issue was resolved pretty effectively during the finals. Crosby did very well but Malkin vanished utterly.

Some people seem to forget that even though Malkin is young and improving, Datsyuk is also improving. His game gets better every year, and it's scary to think that, even in his early 30s, he's still developing and getting better. I don't think the difference between Malkin and Datsyuk will be clear for another 5 years, when Datsyuk is in his mid-late 30s and Malkin is in his absolute prime.
Pot meet kettle. It is pretty funny how some can have a well thought out conversation while disagreeing (and at times even agreeing) and some need to name call as if that proves their points and discount the other person's points. Read back or maybe have someone with some reasoning skills (perhaps the Detroit fan who answered me and with whom I had an intelligent discussion on the issue in this thread) read my original post that you referred to and explain it to you, slowly, and maybe you can get the actual meaning. As for my being a homer? Sure, not more than most posting here including you, but yeah, guilty as charged. It does not make me discount the opinions of those who disagree with me though by dismissing them entirely with name calling. But that would involve some effort and ability. It would be nice to see you exhibit either in actually figuring out what my position was in that original post that you dismissed out of hand.

ps, one only has to look back to the finals to see that this technique was pretty par for the course for most Detroit fans, to the point where virtually all pens' fans boycotted the finals talk on the main board because you all were impossible to talk to, mostly because you acted just like you did in this post.

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