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11-04-2008, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by The Comedian View Post
There's the point, in fact your comment is not really relevant, is this the same crappy Coyote team of the last 4 years? Do these stats imply that Kipprusoff plays his best when the opposing team has a dog on their chest or is it merely coincidence?

I know there are some occasions where a player strings together a few good games against one team and every time afterward their confidence raises against said team. There are a few examples of such throughout the league that cannot be dismissed as coincidence, in this situation I'm not convinced. It's not like we're talking about the Stars or the Wings here.
I will admit that it is quite possible that this is a coincidence. In bringing up this point, I was trying to offer a possible reason as to why McE wouldn't start tonight and I do believe that a stat like this might play into it based mostly on the confidence issue you mentioned.

Also, look at it from the other side: if, when we played Phoenix earlier this season, say Kipper played poorly and let in 3-4 goals and we lost. I would then fully expect McE to be playing tonight for the same reason.

So, while it is by no means an excellent (heck, probably not even a good) reason, I do think it came into play.

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