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11-05-2008, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Absolutely, signing with VAN when they offered him 20M is solid proof of that oh wait a minute..

Why would anybody choose ''no'' in this poll??..
Hate the guy all you want, have your doubts about what it is he truly is after, be bitter of him not having signed before deadline here.
But nobody will ever be able to argue that Lang as a 3rd center is better than Sundin there. That would just be plain stupid.
It's not a question of Lang being better than Sundin. It may be a question of who's the better fit for the Habs. Lang knows his role on this team and seems satisfied with it. I don't think Sundin would be satisfied with the same (diminished) role. If he expects more and is given more, that means more has to be taken away from Koivu and/or Plekanec. Does that necessarily put us ahead. I don't know. I would say not really.

In the summer I was excited about getting Sundin and thought it would give us one of the top centremen trio in the league. Now, I'm beginning to think Sundin's refusal was the best thing to happen. We went to our plan B and maybe Plan B was the better fit for our team. Lang provides complimentary offence and spells Koivu on the PK. He's also a winner and a veteran. He's also very cheap when compared to Sundin. This could be an issue come the deadline when we may need a 4th d-man.

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