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11-05-2008, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Difference is those players were all elite prospects and damn good NHLers. Still have yet to see what Desharnais can do.
Noone said he was a surefire NHLer.... i was just refuting the point that

no size = no NHL for him, no matter what

He was in the ECHL last year... though he was the ECHL leading scorer/MVP....
now hes over a PPG in hamilton.... if he can keep this pace through the long grind of the AHL season, he definetely deserves an NHL look.

Who knows... we signed him as an undrafted free agent.... if he busts out we've lost nothing.

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
I don't know about this Desharnais guy. However, I am wondering why Gainey signs a player to a 2 way contract at this moment.
My logic goes like this. Since he is playing for Bulldogs, he must be under contract with the Bulldogs.. at least for this year. So if Habs like him, they can sign him when his contract is finished after this year. A 2 way deal, meaning the Habs want him to be in NHL sometime THIS season? I think guys like Chipper should be ahead of him in terms of depth chart. I think there is more to come with it. Maybe Gainey is going to make some kind of minor deal for another defenceman that involve one of our forwards?
For me, this signing does not make sense (not saying Desharnais is bad), my question is, why now?
If you have an AHL only contract it is signed with Hamilton, not Montreal. By rule any NHL team can purchase your contract from Hamilton and bring him to the NHL. If you have a two way contract then you are a Montreal player who is loaned to the Bulldogs.... you are under contract to the NHL club and no other NHL club can come and purchase your contract.

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