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11-05-2008, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by bam09 View Post
David Moss is quite possibly the worst at finishing a goal in the NHL. It seems every game, once or twice a game, he'll get the positioning on his defender, receive a beautiful pass on the tape and then muff the chance.

I like Moss, but this couldn't be more true. Cammy gives him a perfect pass and he finds a way to miss an empty net. He is good at getting open in front of the net, but just doesn't have the finish to be a consistant scorer.

It is plain to see that until Lombardi gets back Dustin Boyd should see top six minutes and Conroy should be demoted.

Does Keenan have the integrity for that?
Would love to see Boyd get a legitimate chance at the top line, but that 3rd line has played well. Tough to break them up I think. Why not put Langkow back with Iggy? He obviously has the chemistry and I could tolerate Conroy on the 2nd line till Lombardi comes back. Never understood why Langkow and Iginla were split up.

Just a though here - this doesn't look too encouraging that Kiprusoff started again. That's both a vote of no-confidence in the backup goaltending to not start against the also-rans and it's a harbinger of things to come. History has shown that he can't handle 70+ regular season games, then lead the team to a post-season victory.
Really is unfortunate. Kipper just wasn't sharp last night and looked tired. Need to show some confidence in McElhinney. How is he going to be at his best when he hasn't played for over a month. Not exactly giving him much of a chance to be successful when he does get in.

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