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11-06-2008, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Oh yes how could I forget, Gainey has never made a mistake or dumb move. I shall repent before the cheerleaders show up for the usual Rah Rah's. I for one don't remember hearing about Grabs being shopped and unless you find an article to prove that wrong than it's more of the lovely speculation you love to tout as fact.

Patryn isn't anything special and that second could have come from anywhere. Hell even our own second + a low end prospect could have done the trick. The leafs are a team that could make the playoffs on a wing and a prayer. How many times has an 8th place team come into the playoffs hungry and upset the 1st seeded team?

All I am saying is Lang is not worth giving the leafs a vital piece in their rebuild. If you can't see that then you should give your head a shake.
Since the Phoenix incident everyone knew Grabovski's days were numbered.... everyone on this board... everyone in the media... it was obvious. There are also numerous stories about his rift with the Kostitsyn's. I don't feel the need to go searching for all these cause quite frankly I don't have the time... and i don't feel the need to do it for 1 person.

As far as Grabovski being a vital part of a rebuild.... LOL.... we'll know when their rebuild is complete, it will be when they have six forwards better than Grabovski and there is no more room for him in the top 6.

As for Pateryn being nothing special I'd say he has as almost as much chance as developping into a core top 4 d man as Grabs has of being a second line centre on a contender.

I agree with the premise that you don't trade a vital piece to a rival... but Grabovski is not a vital piece.

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