Thread: Injury Report: Martin Brodeur Out 3-4 Months
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11-06-2008, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiger73549 View Post
You never know, but thats not what is important. What is important is that among his peers, he excelled so much that he is known as the greatest ever.

Athletes get better and better over the years with advances in nutrition, work-out supplements and extra popularity and competition in sports. Many current athletes would wipe the floor with great older ones, but that is an unfair comparison, at best. I mean, would Babe Ruth be the Great Bambino if he was around today facing 90-95 mph fastballs and strong curveballs and sliders on a regular basis??

I mean, people are breaking Olympic records every Olympics, this shows people are getting better at conditioning and training.

Do you think the best cars in the 60's can compare to the best cars of today? No. But are the best cars in the 60's still remembered today and loved for what they were at the time?? YES.

I know it sounds evil or wrong or something, but it is entirely possible that in today's NHL, Gretzky in his prime, might not be considered the best player to play the game.

However, he didn't play in today's NHL, and never will. It is an unfair comparison. The game and its athletes have changed. Thats why you always compare current athletes to their current peers.
Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
Just so you know, if Gretzky were playing today he would also have all of those advantages. He would have the advantage of better equipment such as lighter skates and composite sticks that shoot like rockets. He would also be playing in a league that doesnt let you touch anyone without getting a powerplay, which gretzky dominated. He would also have the advantage of weight training progams, nutritional programs and the conditioning that players recieve today. I'm not saying take greatzky with his barely curved tree branch wood stick and trash skates and tell him to go dominate but his skill along with the advantages of today's athletes yes, he would dominate.

And by the way, gretzky wasnt playing back when Ruth played baseball. Gretzky scored 90 points in the NHL just 10 years ago and was 37 freakin years old when he did it. That year Jagr, Forsberg, and Bure were the only players to have more points than him. You think he would have only put up 90 points if he wasnt old as hell and in his 20th season in the NHL? He would dominate as much if not more if he were in the league now, be serious.
There is no way Gretzky has anywhere near the impact now that he did back in the early 80s. Would he still be the best OFFENSIVE player in the league? Maybe. However, with the salaries and salary cap eliminating the possibility of putting a team together like Edmonton's, the difference in size of the players, and the difference in style of play, there is NO WAY anyone is putting up 200 points in this day and age.

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