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11-06-2008, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Oh yes how could I forget, Gainey has never made a mistake or dumb move. I shall repent before the cheerleaders show up for the usual Rah Rah's. I for one don't remember hearing about Grabs being shopped and unless you find an article to prove that wrong than it's more of the lovely speculation you love to tout as fact.

Patryn isn't anything special and that second could have come from anywhere. Hell even our own second + a low end prospect could have done the trick. The leafs are a team that could make the playoffs on a wing and a prayer. How many times has an 8th place team come into the playoffs hungry and upset the 1st seeded team?

All I am saying is Lang is not worth giving the leafs a vital piece in their rebuild. If you can't see that then you should give your head a shake.
You're doing some speculations as well buddy.
You're absolutely right, we have not heard about Grabo being shopped around the league. But, as Beaker pointed out, ever since the Phoenix incident, it's kind of obvious Gainey was gonna move him. So, in all likelihood, he talked to some teams about it. We do not have any proof of that, but it's only logic.
But this is as much of a speculation as saying he wasn't being shopped around and Gainey traded him to the first team that showed interest.

Finally, how do you know Grabo is a vital piece of their rebuild?..that's another speculation on your part. He's a free Agent at the end of the year, maybe they won't want to resign him, maybe he'll ask too much, maybe they'll offer him similar deals as Jeff Finger's. Maybe Grabo will become a 50G score one day and he'll be a Leaf at the time..
We just don't know yet, one thing we know, we DID get a good return at that time. So all this yapping of ''what ifs'' is useless. Fact is we got something good and that's it.

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