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07-08-2004, 08:30 PM
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Today's thoughts by me:

*Bear in mind that I'm no expert on hockey nor have I ever played, but here was my take on who I paid attention to. Also, I'm only commenting on the players I watched. All I saw were the forwards so I can't comment on the d-men.

upshall= IMO had an excellent day and really showed off his skills. He looked the best out there. I see him contending for a roster spot

segal= REALLY surprised me. this guy is bigger than I imagined and really looked good. I could see him as a 4th liner in nashville EASY.

radulov=WOW is all I can say. he has the most raw offensive talent I've seen in a pred. IMO he show boated/puck hogged a bit, but no big deal. The chl/ahl will work out his kinks.

santorelli=I think in a couple of years this guy could be contending for a roster spot. He showed some very good offensive skills and smart passing.

yablonski= I was somewhat impressed with how well he seemed to pass and score and my God is he HUGE. He's almost as wide as he is tall. I know he's a bit old and probably a ahl/fringe guy but he wasn't all bad.

brown & betts= not much to say other than they both weren't very good IMO. brown being worse than betts, but I guess since brown is a borderline enforcer that's ok.

mckenna= youch is all I can say. A few good saves but overall unimpressive. maybe I caught him on a bad day.

moir= surprised me and looks like a solid prospect.

I didn't get to check out fugere or meidel. I saw a bit of lassila and he looked durn good.

Anyone else going to be there saturday and sunday? If so maybe we could meet up

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