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11-06-2008, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Can people frickin stop with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line? Last game Plekanec played 16 minutes, Lang 15 minutes. Mind you Pleks played more than 3 minutes on even strength, still Lang played then his share of PP minutes....which is exactly what Sundin will do. Carbo is rolling his lines and then depending on who's hot and who's not played some lines just a little more than the others. If Sundin is there, he'll make sure he'll play more than less.

You don't disrupt any chemistry, you put Sundin with Lats and SKost. And on some games, THIS will be your best line. And Sundin won't care too much this year 'cause if his goal is to win the Cup, the regular season will almost be like a preseason camp for him. He won't be expecting to play 25 minutes right from the start.

And for anybody who dislike the fact that he's coming after the season has started, that he didn't seem to convince that he want to play, if it makes you feel better, just pretend we would've traded for him. Strangely, nobody minds getting some help at the trade deadline even though you have a fine team, but we do mind getting Sundin now 'cause he was unsure to know what he would do but now seems to be more convinced.....what's the problem really.....We're not talking about Boyd Devereaux here....
QFFT. Especially the first part. It should be stickied. I'm so tired of hearing this BS (he's second line player, not 3rd bla bla) on and on... Players want some time on ice, that's it.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'll ALWAYS take Gainey's word for what it is....I just decide to add some words on my own after he say it..."FOR NOW".
an other great post.

Even after all those years as a GM, Gainey's still learning.

When he joined the Canadiens, he was managing like he was in Dallas, nothing would get to the media. As a result, people were insulting him (he's sleeping, he's too old, etc...) Now, he's leeking a lot of information, which make him look much more active (when in fact he's been working at the same level the whole time).

As seen with the Souray situation, Gainey is willing to lie to the media.

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