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11-06-2008, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
They would have been mathematically eliminated weeks before they actually were if it wasn't for Sundin in both 07 and 08

Plekanec + Andrei >>>> Poni + Antropov
Koivu + Lats/Higgins >>>> Poni + Antropov

Regardless, if he is no better than Kovalev or Tanguay, he is definetely at their level... i still think Sundin would be the most talented centre on this team...

But as I said before... I don't want him now.... I'm not worried about his regular season performance, i'm worried about his playoff performance. He has not shown the desire to want to be in the league at this point, i question if he'll have the same heart come playoff time as he had those years in toronto.

I think Sundin is a great player and he'll give his heart for his team... i'm just concerned he doesn't see the habs... or anyone else other than the leafs as "his team"... i'm concerned he bleeds blue and white and thats all he wants.
I agree with you, but on some level.
It's true, if he does come back, it'll be in the middle of a season and that can somewhat question his dedication.
But the fact that if he indeed returns, should kind of cancel that lack of dedication question.

Some questions/doubts will always arise, but having Sundin/Koivu/Plek as our top 3 centers could be very lethal.

In terms of playoff performance, I just don't buy into the myth of players fading off. It's an extremely high level of competition once in the POs, some players have trouble getting adjusted to it.
But look how they were treating Alfie in OTT, they were ready to crucify him after he looked ''nonchalant'' on that PK goal. But look how much of a beast he was when he brought them to the finals.
Same was said about Hossa..Gaborik..Marleau..a bunch of other players and it's all BS IMO.
Some players don't have the time to settle down and find their rhythm, others can jump right in it. It all depends..

I don't think Sundin would lack heart and determination come PO time. I think it's the only reason why he'd come back, so if he does indeed make it and is part of one of the top contenders, Im pretty sure he would give his complete all to finally snatch that cup.

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