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Originally Posted by Clumsyhab View Post
He's on pace for 80+ points. Let say he gets 70 points, in this league, a 70 point player is worth 5M+. Also, you have to take in consideration that 15M/4 years is "only" 3.75M cap hit, which isn't that bad for both ways. That contract would be similar to the one Alfie got with the Sens, with almost 2 millions less in cap hit. If you want another comparison, Mike Fisher got 21M/5 years (6+4+4+4+3), 4.2M cap hit. I know Saku is getting old, but I'd still think my 15M/4year deal for Saku better than what Fisher got.
You don't give a 5M$ contract to a player , because after 10 games on the season , he's on a pace for 80 points . That's ridiculous .

Koivu always had good start and it isn't the first time that he has more than a 1 PPG . His problem is that he never was able to maintain the rythm , more than few months .

Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
4 yrs on a deal is a big stretch.. I think he'll go with 2 yrs @ 4.5m.
I hope that gainey won't re-sign him for more than 1-2 season . Last year , he was looking out of juice after 20-25 games . What kind of hockey will he have next years ?

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Some people on here must be on a different Koivu is only worth 3 mil a year? Is this in the same league where Drury Gomez and Briere made about 8 mil last year...and he is as good as any of those guys. Briere is a PP specialist, Koivu is a much much better all around player. Drury had similar numbers, Gomez has better numbers, maybe he is worth a bit more.

On the open markey Koivu gets 5-6 mil per year on a 2-3 year deal...especially if he keeps up his current pace(or at least puts up around 70 points).

Best case for the Habs he signs a front loaded 4 year deal to reduce the cap hit like 7 mil 1st yr, 5 mil the 2nd yr, 4 mil the 3rd year and 3 mil the 4th...19 mil over 4 years 4.75 cap hit. I'd try that with Komi Koivu Kovalev and Tanguay. Obviously Tanguay and Komi you can go 5-6 years given they are under 30 and probably have 5-6 more good years. Kovy and Koivu probably have 2 good years and 2 lesser years.
Seriously , if a gm is enough fool to pay a Finger 4 m$ , does that mean that Gainey have to do the same ? Drury , Gomez and Briere are all overpaid , but they are also younger and better than Koivu .

Koivu won 4, 75 M$ last seasons . I don't think considering his age , that his production will increase but decrease .So should his salary . 3,5 m$ - 3,75,$ maximum

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