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11-06-2008, 08:50 PM
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Erika , what I don't see is any discusion of what he may be doing wrong on the ice, what he needs to do to improve, just he's upset about his brother. Surely you can do better than player a is great, player x sucks.

You must see some things in his game that you don't like over the last 2 weeks. You can't just cheer when your favourite scores and lay low when the player you don't like scores .

As for talk of the night life, ferchrissakes, that's what young people do. Since the beginning of time. If anyone thinks that young guys with $ aren't finding ways to enjoy what comes with it, you're living in a child like dream world where the players show up solely for their love of the game and the glory of wearing the CH.

I have no way of knowing a thing about off ice behaviour. You hear things, but most don't post what they hear. If players are doing things they shouldn't, more often than not, word gets around. The word gets to people like Gainey and Carbo who have been around the block and know how to handle these situations, should they need to be. To say that he appears out of shape because he's slumped is ludicrous.
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