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11-06-2008, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
What part of the word OPINION do you not understand? I don't give a damn what you think constitutes a winning team. You state your opinions like fact and I am the deluded one?

Actually is how I see who scored and the assists but nice try with the generalizations. If you did understand my insights it would be a first in the long run of responses you seem to chase after me with.

This is a forum I don't have to agree with you so stop trying to force it.
How can anybody respect your opinion when you try to force it and only bring stats when you want to show them

You kept talking about 1G for Lats, without mentioning his 6Assists or trying to downgrade them. You also say Lats's goal was in a meaningless 6-1Victory vs the Leafs.
Well, you say ''yet another goal for Grabo tonight''..didn't they lose 5-2?..I guess that was a meaningful goal right?..
He was also cold for a big part of the season but now he's on fire for 3Games so it's a mistake??.
Even the morons on 110% would laugh at you, Now that's a diss.

You say you don't give a damn about what constitutes a winning team. So why are you even writing??..How can you possibly say Gainey made a mistake, but you don't care about what constitutes a winning team??..Wow, Mr.Logic over here..

You were probably one of the guys dissing Gainey for letting Bonk go after he had his little hot streak in NSH last year.

Beaker's not trying to force his opinion on you, it's a DISCUSSION FORUM, if you don't want to have rational discussions, don't post.
If you want us to respect your arguments, then debate them in an intelligent way, not in your ''know it all'' attitude, especially when the points you make are weak.

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