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11-07-2008, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MONACOBLUE View Post
That's complete crap. Isn't Gillett a huge Habs fan? Why would he buy the team, stick with them through the hard years and sell them just when they're geting good? Sure, he's a businessman and all, but he could've made more money investing in something else if that was his intent.
I guess you've never heard the saying "buy low and sell high" have you

The only reason I don't want Bailsillie to buy the team if it was for sale (which I greatly doubt anyways) is that he not as rich as Uncle Georgie is and he would be one of those hands on owners that would bust Gainey's b@lls and interfer with the team.

I don't know if you guys follow the markets but RIM has taken a 55% haircut in stock price which is a huge part of the owners wealth. It's also a one trick pony company with almost no diversification. Uncle George has diversified into several different ventures and spread the wealth into several successful baskets and has more then enough resources to own the Habs while keeping them profitable and increasing their value.

Bailsillie should work on buying a starter team such as Nashville or Atlanta and not bother trying to buy the Habs as it's not likely going to happen.

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