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11-07-2008, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Lats is clearly mixed up as far as what's his role in this team and knowing Carbo's past as far as communication, though he seems to have improved, I wouldn't be surprise to hear that they haven't talked for a long time.

The guy was mostly in Juniors a scorer who despite being big, did not use his body too much. Here we want him to play in his off-wing and be that punishing physical guy he never was.

Honestly, if I was Gui, despite what everybody tells me how I should be playing including the coaches, I would start playing my own game, the one that made it possible for me to be drafted. If he would start scoring, if he would put his body in front of the net and start scoring those garbage goals, who cares if he destroys a guy or 2, 3 seconds after the said guy had passed the puck....
Do you think Carbonneau would mind if that would happen ? I'd bet he would be thrilled. It's all in Lats mind.

Anyway - why all the ruckus when he had an satisfying start of the season after all ? If he keeps the same rythm - he's on for a 57 points season not bad eh?

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