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11-07-2008, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
They better not invite Guy Lafleur either.
Wow is that guy a moron. The guy was a great hockey player, but seriously, he doesn't know much about today's game.

He actually said he would resign Kovalev, Tanguay, Komisarek, LANG, and then Koivu. Why Koivu last?..Mr.Lafleur doesn't need to give out reasons, he just said it's the way he sees it.

He also said, if the Habs's plans were to get Lang for 1year, then it doesn't make any sense they went after him He said if that were the case, they should have let one of our youngsters play instead. This when he called our team a bunch of 4th liners last year, now he wants to see youngsters??
Not only do we not have any youngster ready to be a 3rd center, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with going to get a 3rd line center for a year to increase the depth.

Le Baron was sitting next to Guy and when they strated talking about Contracts, he said today guy's are making millions for scoring 20-25G while playing 20Min. Then he pointed to Lafleur and said HE scored 50G avg 16Min/GP. Lafleur would look like crap if he played in today's league without taking better care of himself during the season.
The guy used to smoke cigarettes between periods sometimes, that's how much the game has changed. Got luck doing that today.

The guy is a fool, he shouldn't even be invited to any show after making such a dumb statement last year. The fact we finished first really made it even more funny.
Bashing Guy Lafleur as a player ?? Just because "he could not do it nowadays" ?? That must be a new low. Who's next ? the Rocket ?

Are his analysis bad - definetely. But he was one of the best players in the history of the NHL for god's sake. I've been in Quebec only since 2000 but I still heard of him back in the middle of nowhere where I was wantching hockey games as a teenager on the Russian televeision channel.

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