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11-07-2008, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I didn't bash Lafleur as a player out of gratuity.

I said, Le Baron was comparing him saying he scored 50G while avg 16min of icetime, when today's players are talking millions after scoring 25G avg 20min of icetime.
Now that's an unfair comparison seeing as the game/players/rules/equipment has changed a lot.

That's why I said, Lafleur couldn't even keep up with today's players. Today's players are machines, they are extremely fit. Lafleur used to smoke cigs between periods. You do the math, it ain't that hard.

Lafleur was one of the greatest of HIS era. Same with the Rocket, etc..When we try to compare them with today's players like Le Baron did, it just doesn't make any sense.

Who's better?..The Rocket or Gretzky?..Beliveau or Lemieux?..Plante or Roy??..You just can't answer these questions.
So comparing the pts Lafleur had back in the days to the pts some players get today is completely dumb.
To follow you on your reasoning, players that earn millions today, after 40 pts seasons deserve those millions more that Guy Lafleur, because their job is harder ?

There is only one way to compare athletes from different moments - you compare the impact they had on their sport. There are players today that earn more in one year than Lafleur in his career and that have 1/1000th of the Impact Lafleur had in his time. That does sound as somehow injust.

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