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Originally Posted by Capa View Post
Are you kidding? Richards rising star leader on a massively long contract for gaborik an injurgy prone goal scorer who is a UFA. Nah, philly laughs

As much as I don't disagree, does nobody see the disparity between Philly LAUGHING at Richards straight up for for Gaborik but the Rangers being expected to "start" with Dubinsky AND Staal?

I'm not saying the Rangers want him, and I'm definitely not trying to get into the semantics of "you have to give to get" but, really, besides being a few years younger and thus not as far along in his development, is Dubinsky really that different TO THE RANGERS from Richards TO THE FLYERS?

Further, with Gaborik sitting on the sidelines (I don't think he's really hurting; I think this is Bure in Vancouver all over again), how much is a competent GM really going to pay? Minnesota should be happy with a couple of "help now" roster players and a high prospect/high pick. I don't know why people think he will fetch a franchise player in return at this point.

Either way, back to my original question - if it's valid to laugh in the face of Richards for Gaborik straight up, I say it's just as valid to laugh at the notion of giving up Staal OR Dubinsky in a Gaborik deal. The kids are untouchable; maybe that means the Rags don't have the pieces necessary to make a deal, with Drury and Gomez having NTCs, but either way, I simply can't understand the people who honestly believe Gaborik is worth giving up EITHER of those two, let alone both.

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