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11-07-2008, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
mmmm.... How to transform an honest reputation poster with a bit of reason into a public enemy

by Iwishihadacup

No but seriously guys, all you said made me think that posting in the morning is not the best thing for me...

your arguments were great and made me realised some things... But others were blatantly fake

Lets face it, we got Latendresse who is the rated 1st ennemy of habs nation I mean, he didnt deserve to make the team, he never buries his chances, he always leaches from his linemates, he is french. I mean he's evil so nobody really cares about were he plays because we all know he's the antichrist anyway

Then we got Higgins, this guy is the obscure imperfect hero that tries so hard we cannot hate him, tries soooooooooooo hard but we does not always see results of his plays But he is great so why should he have to earn anything?

This is how i can sum the whole Higgins-Latendresse debate
This is what gets to me. Who cares if he's French? I don't. I don't care if he's not French. I don't care if he's purple. I only care that he comes to work hard every game, game in, game out. Period.


The French Canadian rule: Read about it, go to bed smarter.
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