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11-07-2008, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Guy Lafleur was more in shape than any other player. Even if he smoked. The guy never broke a sweat. In fact, they had physical tests done to him and the tests revealed that he was the pro athlete with the best cardio system in the world, equal to Bjorn Borg.

Truly, the guy never broke a sweat. He was a freak of a human, and if you ever meet him in person, take a look at his shape, even at his age. I would drool if I was that fit looking. He's a specimen.

And if he played today, he would still produce. Because he DID produce when he came back in the late 80's. Even when he was much, much older and had lost a step. I could just imagine how good he would be with today's teachings. He would be a monster a la Ovetchkin, no doubt in my mind. He was THAT good.

Guy was strong on the puck, a fast skater and had a mean mofo shot. All that is needed today to succeed. It wouldn't be much different.
I see him quite often actually because he opened his restaurant next to my place. I don't know about your shape, but he ain't no specimen. No superhero here.

The fact that he would still produce is irrelevant. I never tried to deny other wise. I said he wouldn't be able to keep up, but if he adapted to today's regiment, then I don't see why he wouldn't.
As good as Ovechkin?..maybe, maybe not, it's useless to even talk about this as we'll never know.
But what if we do it the other way around, what if the Ovechkin of today went back in the old days, how many pts do you think he'd net??

My point was to compare a player that nets 25G to Guy who scored 50G is dumb. Trying to mix players from different eras just doesn't work.
Why not compare everybody to Gretzky's 92G 200Pts+ while we're at it.

Originally Posted by CoupeStanley View Post
How much do you think genetics really changed in 30 years? I understand your point if you're trying to compare Howie Morenz to Marian Gaborik, it's more than pointless.

But Guy Lafleur? Let's look at a player like Ray Bourque. He started his career the last year Guy scored 50th and well, he didn't look to outdated in the 2000-2001 season, did he?

Messier? Gretzky? There's many guys with carreer that crossed the Lafleur prime and the dead puck era and they didn't look from another planet.

Personally, I like to compare Lafleur carreer with a guy like Jagr. I have them really close in my all-time list.

Guy Lafleur in todays game would score 50 goal a year and be one of the most exciting player in the league.
Well, what do you think?..
Bourque scored 90pts+ four times in his career.. When's the last time you saw a Dman do that?..
Gretzky had 200pts+..Messier was one of the best all times.

Gretzky would have never been able to put up such numbers in today's game. His puny physique, the instigator rule out, so nobody to protect him as much as he was back in the days.

Not only has genetics changed, athletes have to be extremely careful about their health, but the rules have changed. Note that all the players you've mentioned have all stopped playing before the lockout. It's at that time that the game really changed a lot. The red line no longer exists, the game is faster, the guys are bigger and stronger. Goalies are excellent, they're not a rare commodity in the league anymore. Pretty much every team has a solid #1 Goalie.
They prone offense with all the penalties being called.

It's just not the same, so comparing eras just don't work.

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