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Originally Posted by 100th View Post
once again , that's too long . Don't you realise that Saku is slowing down ? Don't you realise that Ben Maxwell could be a better player than an older Koivu , in 2 years ? that Desharnais and Chipchura could be also in the line-up and that they are all going to be at the league salary minimum , so less expensive than a Koivu ?

Guys , try to have a middle term vision at least . You see Saku having a good start , you also saw him having a good playoffs run last season , after a rest of 3 weeks , and you are ready to give him a 4 seasons contract ...ridculous !
Looks like you are underestimaing Saku. 5-4-3-2 is an excellent contract for both parts. Maxwell never played a single game in the NHL and the fact that you think that he could be better than Saku (at 35 in 2 years) is pure speculation. As for Desharnais, he may never play in the NHL. I think Saku can still be on the top 2 Centre for the next 2 years, that's why we pay him 5M and 4M. In 3 years (he would be 36), he'll probably play on the 3rd line, so 3M and 2M would be more than good for a player like Saku. Don't forget how much we payed for 3rd lines Centre like Bonk, Smolinsky and Lang. The fact it's better for the club to give Saku a long term deal is to minimize the cap.

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