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Originally Posted by Frogurt View Post
I don't think you can have the salary drop by more than 50% from year to year. That being said, they should think about offering him something along the lines of 8-4-2-2 (not necessarily that, maybe more).

He'd be making roughly the same average salary over the next 3 years leading into retirement, and the huge front loading is both advantageous to him financially and kind of prestigious.

Then again, I'm not writing the cheques and who knows if Uncle George wants to pay that type of dough in a single year. Both he and the team would be better off if they looked into a pay scheme like that to help them stay competitive.
Salary can't drop by more than 50% of the lower value year of a contracts first two years. So if a guy makes 5-4 in the first two years of his contract, it can't drop by more than 2 million a year from then on. It also can't go up by more than 4 million a year, though I have no idea why anyone would want a contract to do that. Also, in the first two years one year cannot be more than double the other.

So in theory a contract could go 8-4-2-league minimum.

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