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11-07-2008, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MoMo316 View Post
They way it's written suggests option #1 because they last thing mentioned was that it was a vendre and not that it was dommage. Isn't that the rule in French? If you use "Il" or any pronom, it has to replace the last sujet mentionned or something? But I think he meant option #2. They should specify it between brackets because it's confusing...It also changes the whole context.

Example I just made up: Je mange une pomme avec une fille. Elle est bonne. Is elle the girl or the apple?
it (should) replace a subject in the previous sentence, not necessarly the previous subject. In this case there's two "subjects", 1. Il (Il est dommage) and 2. Canadiens.

Happens a lot with french medias in sports, most sports journalists are NOT fully bilingual - and thoses doing the translation arent either... so, between what a guy said and what they think a guy said... well... you know...

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