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07-09-2004, 08:53 AM
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Who's better?

Who do you think is better?

White or Smolinski, both centres?

White has scored 60 points 2 yrs ago something I don't believe Smolinski has ever done, is very good defensively and is a pretty good playmaker, maybe a little small or soft.

Smolinski is bigger than White possibly grittier, has been picked to play for the USA team in the Canada Cup tournament and can play all 3 forward positions. Reminds me of Bonk in that we expect him to do more than he delivers considering his salary.
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Schaefer or Varada, both left wing?

Varada is gritty, goes to the net, gets a tough goal from time to time and gets under the skin of other players. Has had some injury problems.

Schaefer shows signs of being an excellent puck handler, gets the odd goal and is great along the boards cycling the puck. He isn't really soft but isn't a tough guy either. He isn't really small but isn't all that big, he's inbetween so many tangibles.

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Vermette or Langfeld, both young guys?

Vermette has tremendous upside and is compared to Simon Gagné. He has speed, has learned to play defensive hockey and led Bingo and Victoriaville in scoring so we know he can put it in the net but maybe considered a little small or soft.

Langfeld is big at 6'3" and can score as he showed in Bingo and goes to the front of the net just what this team needs. However, for a big guy doesn't quite hit as much as the team would like and certainly doesn't help out Neil in the tough guy department.

My guess is one of these six would go if the sens were to acquire any new players, who do you think it would be?

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