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I hate soup.

When mom made soup, I hated it. I was like, what the ****. And then the next day you'd be like, mom, what's or dinner and she'd be like, left over soup. The **** never ends.

And now like, we serve soup at our store. And I go to clean this thing before I go home early for the game. The thing doesn't fit, so I lift it up and ove and I try to drain the uice in the shink and then the ****ing **** goes every where over the cart and the floor.. then I have to straion it and put the veggies in the ****ing cimpost and then clean the container. I hate soup, I'm never cleaning that thing again. ****ing sobeys, pay me more you bastidges, I can' afford togo out tonight but I am anyways because I love thegirls

Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
I would but I'm really sleepy and I'm going to bed soon.

Take it from me, when you spend 12 hours at the office every week day, the last thing you wanna do is go out on a Friday night.
So if it won't come to you on a Friday night, just get laid on a Saturday instead.
The weekend is fast approaching, darling, going to bed early is like.. sending you taxes in without completing the forums. Bad news.

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