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11-08-2008, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
You can sacrifice a point to make a point against the Bruins, Flyers, Devils or any other team you play a few times a year... but a team we're facing every other year (was our only game against them this season) there's no "point to make" IMO.
you can make the arguement that if Commodore was a Bruin, you can do something next game, whereas when will they get another chance ? I'm of the mind that if the team en masse went after Commodore, when it happened, well, I'm ok , I guess. Next shift, playing GL for that reason, I don't quite see it.

If Mtl is up on Boston 6-3 and Komo throws the elbow, you'd expect some action, that shift or next, but if it's 3-2, and there isn't a fighter on the ice, I doubt Julien ices Thornton next shift. Tough call though, that was a pure cheapshot on Commodore's part, exactly the type of shot that can't be argued. No question of tall vs. short, head down, just a gratuitous head shot that no one wants to talk about at the league level, because the result wasn't severe.

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