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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I find it ridculous to question Carbo's guts. No forward in the history of the game has thrown his body in front of more shots, absorbed more hits to make more plays, so our definition is just different. Gainey never fought but it would be ludicrous to quetion his courage in any way.

I assume Plekanec and Kovalev were on the ice when Commodore threw his elbow last night. I don't know who was on the blueline. I would'nt have objected to confronting Commodore right there. My impresion was that the attitude was 'good, we're on the power play'.

The camera angles were distant last night and when Hamrlik went off, I was thinking that Boll should be dealt with. When I saw the replay, Boll just made the hit you have to make on the forecheck, Hamrlik initiated as much as he did. I would've liked Laraque to either seek him out or for someone to lay a big hit with a message ring to it, so I'm not really disagreeing, things were more passive than I would've liked.

As for initiating chippiness, well, you can't play all styles at once. I think the Flyer series last spring gave birth to an urban myth regarding toughness. Price makes the saves, the series turns, simple as that. Yeah, the Flyers are a chippier team, but that's who they are, Mtl's a speed team, you can't have it all ways.

Gainey deceided on his team model and it's he current Wings, not the 07 Ducks.
That's the thing. In my opinion it takes more guts to block a shot than to drop the gloves. So it's not an issue of guts but rather, it's a type of game that Carbo does not want to play. However, at a certain point in time, you need to play ball. An attitude like "great, we're on the power-play" isn't "great" at all because Commodore was about a half-foot off from ending Kost's 2008 and maybe his 2009. And while Boll might not of been crossing the line, you can't have 4th line garbage running your top-3 d-men all night. Boll would of been more than willing to go if challenged, and if for some reason he wasn't, then send him a two handed sherwood on the wrist or a late elbow courtesy of Laraque, signed by Carbo. The same applies to Commodore... and if they start playing chicken (which I'm not accusing them of, because they weren't even challenged in the first place), then take a run at Brassard or Nash.

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