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11-08-2008, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Toro View Post
Your right, but i was reffering mostly to the Sundin people. Sundin will not have used any of his salary as he will be newly signed.

What ever Happens regarding a trade for a D man, i still believe that our Defence is good enough to get us to the deadline where we will be able to afford the best guy out there as his salary will be only a couple months worth. Adding a guy now will most likely mean a small upgrade. Im my books not enough to change the chemistry as of yet. I guess I also have faith in our depth in Hamilton. My guess is that one of them will be ready to make the jump by the deadline if not sooner.

were in a good spot in the standings and still don't have our forwards clicking on all cylinders yet. I am not in the slightest nervous about our team. We are in the drivers seat.
Oh ok, I see what you meant.

Personally I'm not disappointed with our defense. But I did get scared at the prospect of losing one of our big 3 when it looked like Hammer was hurt.

I also like our D-man depth in Hamilton. I just don't quite agree that any of them will be able to make the jump and contribute the way we would need them too.

I also agree that we are in the drivers seat. Which is the perfect time to make the move, because Gainey can set the terms for a trade. If we start to slump, or an injury happens, Gainey loses his edge.

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