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11-08-2008, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post

Wgatthe ****, can theybat least playt=a game for once. like, they ****ing can't plau a full goame, theyb didnt try toniht a t al.

f theu this would stp[ taking teams for granted an started actually tryin, we'd be undeeatd.

I ahte kvalev too, he pisses me off with his stpid plays, no one showed up tonight at ll.

Grabvski ia amasinzg, I told uua lall held bea really good, you ****in ****s swho sai hed get pushed around, he's amZING, it old uou.

we got one point out of four, we soudlve goten four carbonnwau is a horrible coahc, of he knew how to manage his team we wouldn't be mot givign effort.. al he'll say is l faut fraivailler and briebois willw play firs tlinec entre and t will be anothing loss
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Tough loss and all the worse beacuse I'll hear all about it in the office Monday morning. Hopefully the boys learn from this loss ,time to kick it into gear.

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