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07-09-2004, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Kickabrat
I wouldn't have to. because the Bruins (if they would have been picking) would have ended up picking different players.

Would you trade Federov (in his prime) for Herrema, Tanabe, Nederost, Knyazev and Cam Ward? That's what Carolina got after Detroit matched their offer in 97. Would Detroit have picked the same guys if they let Federov go to Carolina? who knows?

How about Scott Stevens (in his prime) for Halverson, S. Gonchar, B. Witt, N. Baumgartner and Elomo? These are the picks the Caps got from the Blues for signing Stevens.

Plus, Federov and Stevens were key parts of teams that won mutiple cups. Would the Sens get as good players as they would if they give up their #1 pick? of course not. But that is not to say they still don't get enough good players to keep them competetive.

I would be extremely satisfied if they get Thornton and win 2 or 3 cups over the next five years then drop down to being "just" a good playoff team for the next three or four years. I can live with that.

Obviously you aren't following. It's a hypothetical trade.'s not worth the trouble.

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