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11-09-2008, 09:27 AM
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If Kosto comes in at an angle, not only would Van Ryn get to the puck first but he would easily clear the puck on the side that Kosto is not coming from.

Hockey is meant to be played a certain way....With intensity. How much time do you think these guys have for critical thinking? They use their instincts. Kosto had the instinct of jamming Van Ryn on the boards to get him to fumble the puck, just like Van Ryn had the instinct of turning his back to protect the puck.

If everyone had to make different decisions to make sure that they don't injure someone, hockey would be a very difficult game. Much more so than already.

Sure there are many things that can be done to avoid injuries, but hockey is mainly split second thinking, you don't have time to plan your play.

I just noticed something on sportscenter...when Van Ryn turned his back, he was trying to shovel the puck along the boards.

My guess is that Kosto thought that MVR was going to turn toward the back of the net (which he appeared to be)...

****** play but it happens. I dont like to see it, but it happens