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11-09-2008, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
Look at the moment where Kosto make his weight transfer. It's at exactly the moment Van Ryn fakes turning left then breaks and turns right. You cant do that if you dont want to get hurt. You learn that from pee wee on.
Soon you'll realize, like I have, that many posters on this board have never actually played organized body-contact hockey, so it's hard to avoid over-reacting in support of the "victim".

And in fact, Kosto's angle would have had him meeting almost face to face (more of a frontal 45 degree angle I guess) as he had him cut off from doing the predictable thing and going behind, or atleast throwing the puck behind the net. Result sucks, and Kosto should be held accountable for the result, but there was absolutely no intent to hit from behind on that play, I don't care what anyone else types, and that will keep the suspension to a minimum.

I've been there 1000 times on the ice, and I've had to sit my time in the box, but as a forechecker I approach that play the same way everytime. And most coaches would sit you on the bench for a while if you don't. Sometimes things go wrong, and it sucks.

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