Thread: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shil27
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11-09-2008, 10:36 AM
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Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!

sorry, haven't been around much. i work, come home, play in the arcade, nap, then watch hockey til bedtime. LOVE MY LIFE!

we went to the game in Atlanta and we got to meet most of the guys - uppy, nitty, lupz, marty, emmy , gags (class act), luca (such a sweetie!!), powe, nodl, riley (always a gentleman), knuby, mets, stevens and my fave, COBY ... got autographs, some pics and got to see a winning game! PhillyFan4Ever talked with a couple of the dads as they were along for the father/son thing. Riley's dad kept staring at us dunno what that was all about...maybe we looked crazy standing out there for hours in the cold wind? Richie & Hartz snubbed us completely which was a little disappointing.

it's been a great birthday so far!!!
got new shoes, a tshirt, a purse and my kids made me breakfast in bed this morning. was realllllllllllly hoping for a win for my birthday ...oh well, maybe Tuesday?

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