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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Seems to me that it's the Habs org. being pressured to do something they weren't that interested after all.

Honestly, what's the point in having Laraque going head to head against the other tough guy? Is that really what he was brought here to do? Seems to me that the purpose was that nobody would be as physical as they were before....hello? If there's something, they're more physical. And clearly both Thornton's and Fritz's fight made Laraque look like a human being. Make me thing that people are not that afraid anymore. But I really thought that while Laraque could not go and fight Grabovski, at the very least he could go in front of the net and play with Toskala a hit Grabovski with a solid bodycheck....if you can catch him....He probably can't fight smaller guys but he has to make his presence known at one point....and it's not only with going against the other tough guy that he makes a point....

Another thing....a guy that openly admits that he hates fighting but do it 'cause it's his job might be considered too much of a nice guy.....
Indeed, Laraque doesn't need to fight to make his presence felt. He just needs to go to the net hard if Toronto's running Price; he needs to get his speed up adequately so he can land a check or two on the forecheck, to neutralize guys like Schenn who may be rattled by Laraque.

Anyway, I don't mind the signing still, but I find players like Lapierre are worse for it. Granted, down the stretch, in the playoffs, in a series against a team like Boston, or Philly, Washington, Ottawa, etc., then Laraque would be very useful. But if Montreal were to go up against Buffalo, Carolina, NJ, Pittsburgh, then I would consider Laraque the 13th forward.

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