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11-09-2008, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by GaineysRightHandMan View Post
Beaker, I respect what you say on here - you make a lot of sense. 10 minutes after I read this statement though, I realized a fault in this statement. Kovalev possess the puck most of the time and slows down the play. You don't need speedy players on a line with Kovalev. This is the reason why higgins can't play with him. Lats, Lang, Kovalev line is perfect because it would give Lats a chance to snipe any garbage around the net and as I said in a post a couple of days ago, I wouldn't want Lats or Lang to carry the puck up the ice on any line and we don't have to worry about this on this line.
I'm convince more than ever:
Higgins - koivu- Tanguay
Lats - Lang - Kovalev
S Kost - Plex - A Kost.
Ah... its all fine and dandy in the offensive end of the ice.... but what about when kovalev has a turnover as he is sometimes bound to do.... Well with all three forwards being slow, you can end up with 3 on 2s and 4 on 2s against.

Originally Posted by Hibzeo View Post
Why would change last season's best line after a handful of games?
I don't want to change it... i was responding to those who do. And pointing out what happens on the other two lines if the brothers and plekanec are all put toghether.

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