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11-10-2008, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I'm not disputing the talent level/i.e. 85 point team, but I do think there are legitimate questions to Trotz's coaching style. We have went over them ad nausem in the past, which is why I posted something different in this thread. 303, I do think it is a bit absurd to believe that A) We need Smithson and Fiddler to get 15 minutes a night more than B) We need Arnott or Dumont to get 23-25 minutes a night. Yeah, Dumont isn't our best defensive forward - point readily conceded. Neither is Fiddler or Smithson for that even strength. Both are good penalty killers. Both suck at even strength. They are weak on the puck, and are often man-handled at even strength and along the boards. Most of their TOI is the other team cycling on us deep in our zone.

There should be a happy medium in here somewhere.....maybe there isn't with the talent we have on the ice at this point in time.
For a forward to play 23-25 minutes a night, they would need to be able to play not only top even-strength minutes and be on the first PP unit, but they would also have to be significant penalty-killers as well. This simply is not the case with Arnott or Dumont and never will be, therefore the assertion that Arnott and Dumont should get 23-25 minutes a night is unrealistic on most nights, unless we go on about 10 PP's, which again would in turn hurt their even-strength minutes too.

As for P303, I was the one to really harp on Arnott in the chat room regarding not going after Sarich in Calgary. I stand by my comments too. If you watch a replay of the hit and the next five seconds you will see Sarich crush Ward, then Arnott skates by without a care in the world - while Ward is still down on the ice. It wasn't until after Arnott skated by that Ward got up and went after Sarich. In a building like Calgary, the home team is going to get a huge momentum boost from a hit like must respond immediately and without hesitation. Arnott was right there in a perfect opportunity to grab Sarich and take up for his teammate, but instead he choose to watch his teammate lie on the ice and not do anything about it. Especially with the score of that game at the time, Arnott could have made a huge statement to the rest of the team...but ultimately it was Ward that stood up and sent the message that we were not going to go quietly into the night. Arnott would not have been a third-man in, Sarich hit Ward behind the net and then moved to the net front while Ward was down behind the net - Sarich was not involved in any ongoing altercation.

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