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11-10-2008, 01:55 PM
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This team can't score to save its life, and when it does its just horrible.

Fact of the matter. Pruca, Dawes, Fritche, Korpedo could play for any NHL Team, except the Rangers.

The PP is horrendus, instead of looking at why these young kids can't score, let's look at who they areplaying with.

Chris Drury.... If Renney was serious about getting any of these guys ice time, he would bench some of the more horrible players, like Drury and see what a Fritche, Dawes, Prucha line would look like.

Fact - We have players getting serious time on the roster that are not playing well.
Fact - Drury is getting 20+ minutesa a night on the ice and has 8 points over 17 games with a -5.
Fact - Of the young guys mentioned above, Only two players have any decent stats, Dawes, and Prucha. -1 a piece, Dawes has a goal and an assist in 14 games. Poor Pru has only played 8 and was benched because Drury can't score, or set up his players, Dawes and Prucha both finishers are playing with a .... you guessed if Finisher.
Fact - This team is missing playmakers and big men. All a bunch of finishers.

Maybe its time to move Dru to the 4th line till he finds his game, and let's actually put someone who can play with these guys.

I say get Fritche Dawes and Prucha on a line. See what happens. Bench players for poor play.

Glen needs to stop shopping on the FA market and start developing within. I rather face two losing seasons to have a core group of young guys who can play, rather than a bunch of guys that can't even put the puck in the net anymore.

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